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SenseCam On The iPhone :

Just a quick update concerning my SenseCam project. I have finally gotten around to porting my SenseCam software from the old J2ME version on my k850i to an Objective-C version for the iPhone 4. I effectively had to do a complete rewrite from the ground up, but the development work only took about two weeks… Continue reading the remainder of “SenseCam On The iPhone.”

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Top Ten Gadgets That Changed The World :

At the recent BayCon Science Fiction & Fantasy convention held in San Mateo California I had the pleasure of being moderator on several panels, one of these, which took place on Sunday afternoon, was “The Top Ten Gadgets That Changed The World.” I captured notes on my laptop and recorded audio with my Olympus DS-40… Continue reading the rest of “Top Ten Gadgets That Changed The World.”

Apple Flip :

I just got done watching a “Sex in the City” episode. Okay, I’m addicted to it, I admit it. However, one thing struck me, when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carre Bradshaw is using her Apple laptop, why doesn’t the Apple logo flip around to be the right way up? Yes, I’m sure Apple could print… Click this link to read the remainder of “Apple Flip.”

Breast Implants for Storage :

As society moves more towards elective, cosmetic surgery and breast implants are becoming quite prevalent I propose that we start utilising them for things other than ogling. We could store vast amounts of data in a regular breast implant and read it out via contact-less radio frequency. The amount of storage in most implants would… Need to read the rest of “Breast Implants for Storage?” Click the link!

Breast Size Controlled via Web Browser :

Interesting article I just read on advances in inflatable breast implants lead me to wonder if we could control the size of the breast implant via a web browser or SMS. Certain enterprising young women could then allow their breast size to be set for a fee. You just wouldn’t want your website breast size… Click this link to continue reading the remainder of “Breast Size Controlled via Web Browser.”

Facial Recognition :

I want to test something out. I want you to remember these six faces, and I want you to remember the order in which they appeared. Don’t spend too much time on studying them. There will be a test later. A large part of the human brain is dedicated to vision, and quite a large… Needing to read the rest of “Facial Recognition?” Click this link!

Ads in Elevators :

So the elevators in the building where I have my office now sport LCD panels that play adverts on a continuous loop. I’m curious, in the future, will elevator operators claim that if we don’t watch the ads that we’re stealing elevator rides from them? Just like the TV execs do today when you record… Looking to get the rest of “Ads in Elevators?” Click this!

Washable Cat Litter :

Why can’t cat litter be made washable? The litter could be made of non-clumping, small plastic, bio-degradable, odour absorbing beads, looking much like Fresh Step Crystals, that are washable. Rather than throwing litter away every day or so, you’d just rinse it off in detergent, let it dry, and put it back in to the… Looking to read the rest of “Washable Cat Litter?” Click this!

M.A.M.E. Emulator for Microsoft XBOX :

So some loony let me loose on a Microsoft XBOX development kit a month or two ago and I had some spare time on my hands this last weekend so it was only natural that I do something “creative”. M.A.M.E. for the XBOX is the result, and it was a lot easier to port to… Continue reading the rest of the article

Atari 2600 VCS Emulator for SONY PlayStation 2 :

After successfully porting M.A.M.E. to the Sony PlayStation 2 I just had to try and port my generic Atari VCS 2600 emulator. The results are good. I’ve mapped the video display on to a cube that can be rotated around as you play. With VSync turned off the emulator runs at well over 300 frames… Craving to get the remainder of “Atari 2600 VCS Emulator for SONY PlayStation 2?” Use this link!