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Ten Tricks to Speed Up Your Unity3D Mac Builds :

Game development studios usually setup a dedicated Mac as a build-server for Unity3D projects enabling a single machine to generate Android, Windows, Linux and iOS builds. There’s a lot of work an engineer can do to get builds running a significantly faster. I’ve been able to reduce the build times on one recent project from… Click here to continue reading the remainder of this article

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Unity scripts to charge up a weapon :

Someone on the Unity3D forums asked how to make a system for charging up a gun over time to do more damage. They want it to work like the alien guns in Halo. I gave it some thought for a couple of minutes and finally came up with the following code. The code is broken… Continue reading the rest of the post

Time wasters :

Just some super simple game prototypes I put together for helping people out on the Unity forums.   Snowboarding Demo The Core   Video Poker Word Search Zombies Zombie Zeppelin Defense

Unity3D Piracy Prevention :

A Unity3D script to prevent your precious web game from being pinched from authorised websites and just hosted somewhere else. This sort of very simple protection is especially important if you are trying to monetize your web game and do not want it spread around on websites where you don’t see any financial compensation. If… Needing to get the remainder of “Unity3D Piracy Prevention?” Click on this link!

Score And Level System For Unity3D :

Need a generic scoring and level behaviour for Unity3D? This should work for you. I use a script similar to this in quite a few of my games. How to use: Copy and paste this code in to a new C# script named Scoring.cs and then attach the script to your player object, GUI object,… Click this link to continue reading the rest of “Score And Level System For Unity3D.”

Unity3D : Awake() and Start() Differences :

Oops! I originally called this article “Awake() and Sleep() differences.” It is actually about “Awake() and Start() differences.” 🙂 My bad. Currently hacking my way through the new Unity3D game engine and encountered a problem I hadn’t run in to before. For several days the game I am working on has been loading up just… Yearning to get the rest of “Unity3D : Awake() and Start() Differences?” Click this!