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C# Array.Sort Example :

Sorting arrays in .NET is trivially easy. The Array.Sort method is very simple to use and one of the fastest implementations for doing a straight forward sort that you can make use of. For most of your array sorting requirements, this is the function you should be using. Sorting Of An Array This program sorts… Need to get the remainder of “C# Array.Sort Example?” Click this!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Interview Questions. Too Clever To Be Useful? :

I just got done reading the Google Interview Questions over at Gizmodo and came to only one conclusion about them, and it is the same problem I have with most “clever” interview questions. Why bother? So you’re asking clever questions in an interview, what does this tell you about the candidate? Can they perform under… Yearning to read the rest of “Interview Questions. Too Clever To Be Useful??” Click this link!

The Finest Plagiarism :

Look, I need you to listen to this very carefully because your future career as a software developer or domain expert relies on you not doing this stuff. I know it is really difficult to come up with your own content at times, and really, why bother when anything you want to say or write… Continue reading the rest of “The Finest Plagiarism.”

Permission to be in the industry :

Thomas F. from CA e-mailed and asked about how to get in to the games industry. “I’m about to complete my degree at school and I really want to get in to the video games industry but I don’t see how with all the other people trying to get in too and getting noticed takes… Need to get the remainder of “Permission to be in the industry?” Click this!

Game Engines and Casual Games :

Are games engines worth it for casual games? Should you purchase a game engine to create your latest casual game? Or will you just need to throw it all away once you realise the game engine doesn’t live up to expectations? Will you have to start all over from scratch in 6 months time? Most… Needing to get the rest of “Game Engines and Casual Games?” Click on this link!