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BORDER-RADIUS Create Round Borders With CSS :

With the introduction of the CSS3 border-radius style tags, web developers can now easily create rounded corner design elements that previously required a lot of intensive fiddling with itty-bitty graphics and multiple div tags. Judging by the number of websites out there that use rounded corners in a lot of their design elements (including this… Click to continue reading the remainder of the article

: Game Programming and Game Development :

CSS3 Coloured Borders :

The ability to set a different colour on each edge of the border around an element is coming. No more slicing up GIFs or PNGs , no more layering of DIV sections! Setting border edge colours in CSS3 is still not widely supported (as of this writing only Firefox supports it) but by the next… Hankering to get the rest of “CSS3 Coloured Borders?” Click this!

Creating Coloured Borders With CSS3 :

How do you create coloured borders with CSS3? With the new border-color tags of course! The border-color tag permits a web designer to be very specific about the colours used in the border of an HTML element. As the W3C inches their way towards delivering on the promise of CSS3, many more browsers are beginning… Click here to read the rest of the post