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Shrek The Third – Our Latest Work :

I can finally talk about our latest project — “Shrek The Third” for Microsoft Windows. I’m happy with the way the game turned out and made me realise that perhaps there is a market for casual “platformer” games after all. The game has been approved by Microsoft and Activision and all of those people that… Hankering to get the remainder of “Shrek The Third – Our Latest Work?” Click the link!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Futzing With Fast Food Menus :

Almost every day I come home from work and invariably there is a door hang menu or flier for a local fast food restaurant attached to the door of the apartment where I live. Why do managers of fast food places do this? The flier goes straight in the rubbish and I can almost guarantee… Craving to get the rest of “Futzing With Fast Food Menus?” Click on this link!

Ads in Elevators :

So the elevators in the building where I have my office now sport LCD panels that play adverts on a continuous loop. I’m curious, in the future, will elevator operators claim that if we don’t watch the ads that we’re stealing elevator rides from them? Just like the TV execs do today when you record… Need to read the remainder of “Ads in Elevators?” Click on this link!