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Engineering Porn :

Just got my Incra table saw fence set up after a month of not getting any woodworking done in the workshop. Installed JessEm feed rollers on top of the fence. Okay, where do I start… This is pure engineering porn. I’ve a Bosch contractor table saw that was almost trued up straight out of the… Continue reading the rest of “Engineering Porn.”

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Poorly engineered kitchens :

So I’m reading this PDF on how the designer lays out kitchens and repeatedly all I can think is "Have you ever actually fucking set foot in a kitchen?!?" I’ve always held the belief that bookcases and not designed by people who read books or collect books. And the more I read about how to… Continue reading the remainder of this post

Freelance Options :

An interesting article in the Chicago Tribune detailing why it pays some coders to freelance instead of taking a regular 9-to-5. Why it pays some coders to freelance I’ve freelanced an awful lot of my career, and I am happiest when I have the freedom to work with who I want and how I want…. Craving to get the remainder of “Freelance Options?” Click the link!

Improvised Snark :

One of the greatest mistakes you can make in life is showing up to a family gathering and attempting to snark, sass, berate, belittle, backtalk and act like a general arsehole to someone who was once a stand-up comic who also did a lot of improv. Improv is a good skill to acquire for pitching… Continue reading the rest of this article

You’re Gonna Do What Now? :

“Threat of harm” tactics AKA “if you don’t respond to this recruiting email I will microwave this cute kitten” are pretty much guaranteed to make me call up your boss at your recruiting company and tell him, at length, and loudly, what a complete asshole you are. And this is why a certain recruiting company… Need to read the remainder of “You’re Gonna Do What Now??” Click here!

Too soon? :

With the passing of Glenn Frey of the Eagles, and such a crappy start to 2016, I guess for celebrity deaths, you could say… “The heat is on.” (⌐▨_▨) Too soon?

Javascript designed to annoy :

When I have to disable Javascript on a website, so that I can read the information presented as the authority you are trying to convince me that you are, so that I can engage with your brand, you have done one thing, and one thing only, failed to have me engage with your brand. Covering… Click here to continue reading the rest of “Javascript designed to annoy.”

Crocheted Code :

Steak & Stout pie consumed for lunch. Spaghetti sauce is bubbling away. French onion soup with a freshly baked baguette cooked and ready for dinner. And now, back to crocheting this dragon scarf whilst I stare pointedly at my code that is supposed to reconstruct a stitched 3D volume from RGBD data for this AR… Continue reading the rest of this article

Wealthy. Successful. Liked. Pick Two. :

I’d rather make the people that matter to me happy, than make happy the people I don’t matter too. If everybody likes you, you’re doing something wrong.

Because It’s Glass!! :

“I need an RMA for the LED bulb you shipped me.” I said to the CSR. “Two out of the four of the LED ‘filaments’ don’t work and there is visible damage to the circuit inside.” “If you opened the device to inspect the damage, that voids your warranty.” responded the CSR. “No, I didn’t… Hankering to get the remainder of “Because It’s Glass!!?” Click this!