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Not Important :

If you are a designer and you slap “!important” on every CSS tag in your theme “Because my style is more important than all that other stuff!” then I have to assume you are both egotistical *AND* an idiot.

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Distributed Digital Signage System :

A paper exploring a “distributed digital signage system” by Justin Lloyd In this lengthy paper I investigate and document the creation of a portable digital signage system for conferences that can be controlled over WiFi from a central server. The distributed digital signage system provides a robust communications system that handles failures gracefully, ad hoc… Yearning to read the remainder of “Distributed Digital Signage System?” Click this link!

Cutting multiple pieces on a CNC flatbed using optical recognition of wood :

A paper exploring “” by Justin Lloyd Download a PDF of “” here

Automated guidance of a CNC tool to avoid danger areas, e.g. clamp downs :

A paper exploring “” by Justin Lloyd Download a PDF of “” here

Optically aligning wood to the CNC tool path :

A paper exploring “” by Justin Lloyd Download a PDF of “” here

Digital Signage :

A paper exploring “” by Justin Lloyd Download a PDF of “” here

May The Fourth Be With You :

I have made the decision to upgrade Crick to ATI Radeon cards. NVIDIA GPUs have been good to me, but NVIDIA doesn’t seem to offer GPU compute support like ATI does. CUDA is okay-ish, but OpenCL just has more (open) support. And then there is OpenCV+OpenCL which is a no-brainer. It is going to be… Need to read the remainder of “May The Fourth Be With You?” Click on this link!

Is it steamy in here? :

Some days I spend more time staring pointlessly at the contents of my Steam library than actually playing the games I’ve got.

Martha Stewart on 3D Printing :

Martha Stewart looking at 3D Printers at CES 2014. But all I could focus on was “Did that girl just curtsy to Martha Stewart at 0:21 ?!?” So funny. Why don’t you 3D print this Martha?!? P.S. I actually like Martha Stewart. P.P.S. Except her “TV voice.”

LinkedIn Feature Request :

I truly wish LinkedIn had a feature whereby you could filter out any status update that has more than 100 likes or 100 comments (or both) because you know that any status update that popular is either bashing the sitting president, asking you to solve a math problem, or trying to get likes so Jesus… Craving to read the remainder of “LinkedIn Feature Request?” Click on this link!