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Automatically Synchronized Analogue Wall Clocks Across Multiple Time Zones :

A paper exploring “” by Justin Lloyd Download a PDF of “” here

: Game Programming and Game Development :

GPU Cards in BabyBlue Upgraded :

Just got around to upgrading the last GPU in the BabyBlue. Thinking I should get a new nameplate cut for the front of the case and name it “Crick” — reference to Waton’s partner. Even though Watson the supercomputer is in reference to Sherlock. It works for me… shut up!

Recruiters Selling Cars? :

If recruiters sold cars the same way they find engineers each candidate would receive a flood of emails and phone calls equal to “I have a car for sale in Minnesota. It has four wheels and an engine. You will be required to drive it long distances, put gas in it regularly, pay an astronomical… Need to read the rest of “Recruiters Selling Cars??” Use this link!

Unity scripts to charge up a weapon :

Someone on the Unity3D forums asked how to make a system for charging up a gun over time to do more damage. They want it to work like the alien guns in Halo. I gave it some thought for a couple of minutes and finally came up with the following code. The code is broken… Craving to get the remainder of “Unity scripts to charge up a weapon?” Click this link!

Lucky Ace Slots–The one that went to Apple :

This is the version of Lucky Ace Slots that was submitted to Apple today, March 6th, 2013 at 19:50 PST.  

Lucky Ace Slots – It’s another bug hunt! :

In the final stages of bug hunting on Lucky Ace Slots before app store submission.

Lucky Ace Slots – Almost there… stay on target! :

Late Beta release of our Lucky Ace Slots iOS game. I’ve got about a half-dozen bugs to iron out then we get to submit to Apple for approval. Fingers crossed that it is tonight or Tuesday afternoon if I cannot solve these last few bugs.

Lucky Ace Slots–Free spins :

Free spins for everyone! Whooo! The game is in debug mode so the number of free spins you get at the beginning is set to maximum. Normally the free spins would accrue over time as you play the game.

A day in the life of… :

A day and four months in the life of a CTO for a startup developing mobile social casino games. Inspired by the "day in the life" blog post of a Producer I decided that I would make my own post from the perspective of the engineer/CTO in a start-up. But mine blog post would have… Click to read the rest of this article

What It Feels Like… :