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PHP array_shift() With Non-Numeric Keys :

The built-in array() data type has many ways that it can be manipulated. One of those ways is through the array_shift() function that treats an array as a queue, taking array elements from the front of the queue and moving up all of the other items in the array. When you define an array that… Yearning to read the remainder of “PHP array_shift() With Non-Numeric Keys?” Click on this link!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

PHP array_shift() Function Definition :

PHP has a built-in array() data type which can be easily treated as though it were a list or a queue data type. The way to do this is through the use of the array_shift() function which takes the element at the beginning of the array and returns it, and in the process, shortens the… Continue reading the rest of this post

PHP array_push() Function :

Even though PHP has an intrinsic array data type you as the programmer have the ability to manipulate arrays in several different ways. PHP can manipulate the array() data type as though it were a stack data structure through two simple functions, array_push() and array_pop() which just reinforces how versatile PHP can be. This article… Click to continue reading the remainder of this post

PHP array_pop() Function :

PHP provides incredibly rich and diverse functionality for manipulating arrays. The word “array” and the data type array() in PHP is a bit of a misnomer because the built-in functionality of PHP  is quite capable of treating arrays as though they were many other data structures from simple arrays such as regular single-dimension arrays, regular,… Continue reading the rest of the article

PHP shuffle() Function :

PHP provides the built-in ability to randomly sort, i.e. shuffle, an array of values in place. The PHP shuffle() function takes a standard array of values and swaps each element randomly with another element in the array. The shuffle terminology comes from what you would do if you needed to shuffle a deck of playing… Continue reading the rest of the post

PHP array_rand() Function :

Unlike most languages, when you need to extract a few random elements from an array, PHP provides built-in functionality. The PHP array_rand() function will return either a random index or key, or an array of random indices or keys, given an input of an array and the number of indices or keys to return. PHP… Click to read the rest of this article

PHP Imploded Wrap :

PHP is a great little language with a lot of neat functions to help you manipulate arrays and strings. It’s obvious why it is one of the more popular languages for developing on the backend of web sites. Often I find myself needing to wrap an array of strings in a list of HTML or… Continue reading the remainder of “PHP Imploded Wrap.”