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Four weeks work in nine minutes :

For the past six weeks I have been busily developing a new iOS game and getting it ready for a January launch. It is now at a state where I can start showing off some of the work that has taken place. The computers I work on are set up to take a snapshot of… Continue reading the remainder of “Four weeks work in nine minutes.”

: Game Programming and Game Development :

#angelhackLA Hackathon–Weekend of fun! :

Hung out at AngelhackLA Hackathon on Dec 1st and 2nd. Found two guys who were looking to create a simple little iOS app, so we built a proof-of-concept. Here’s a capture of the work I did over the two days. The technology I used was NodeJS and as the stack, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery… Continue reading the rest of the article

Time wasters :

Just some super simple game prototypes I put together for helping people out on the Unity forums.   Snowboarding Demo The Core   Video Poker Word Search Zombies Zombie Zeppelin Defense

Angelhack Fall 2012 Los Angeles :

Looks like I have managed to snag a place at Angelhack 2012 in Los Angeles this coming December over at CrossCampus. If you are going to be there and need a back-end/front-end software engineer for your team, hit me up.

BitBucket REST API is completely case-sensitive :

This morning I was fiddling around with the Atlassian BitBucket REST API so that I could display my list of Open Source projects on my website (you can find them in the sidebar) and it was driving me completely nuts. The unhelpful “Resource not found” (404) error message kept coming back even though it looked… Looking to read the remainder of “BitBucket REST API is completely case-sensitive?” Click this link!

Fixing Kiln when you get DLL FAILED TO LOAD :

I’ve got Kiln, Mercurial, TortoiseSVN, SlikSVN, Git and TortoiseHg all installed on my Windows 7 workstation and they all hate each other and won’t play nice at times. A couple of weeks ago I updated Mercurial, didn’t give it much thought but started noticing two glaring error messages in my console window: *** failed to… Continue reading the rest of the post

Using curl to debug WordPress XMLRPC calls :

Need a quick and dirty way to see what results WordPress XMLRPC calls are returning from the server? Try curl, the Swiss army knife of command-line network tools. The CURL Command For Windows: curl -d “<?xml version=\”1.0\”?> <methodCall> <methodName>wp.getUsersBlogs</methodName> <params> <param> <value>username</value> </param> <param> <value>password</value> </param> </params> </methodCall>” For Linux: curl -d ‘<?xml version=”1.0″?>… Continue reading the rest of the article

Kinect Eye Tracking For Marketing & Advertising :

Working on my Kinect eye tracking prototype I’ve figured out how to do multiple independent viewers, roughly determine age, gender (with some certainty), clothing, gaze direction and whether the viewer has previously looked at the screen. I think this could easily be used in an advertising context, in a shopping mall, or at a conference,… Continue reading the rest of “Kinect Eye Tracking For Marketing & Advertising.”

Kinect Eye Tracking Prototype :

  Start some very early prototype work on eye tracking and gaze detection with the Kinect. I first detect the viewer’s face, then I detect the angle of the face, then I do a separate image recognition pass on the eyes. The resolution of the Kinect camera is kind of bad (okay, it’s terrible), but… Needing to read the remainder of “Kinect Eye Tracking Prototype?” Click on this link!

Kinect Facial Tracking Prototype :

As you can see, I’ve managed to get a quick little prototype up and running on my new Windows Kinect. It tracks the direction your looking using some pretty simple facial tracking. Source code can be downloaded here. Be advised that this is a really quick prototype and the source code is ugly. I’ll move… Needing to read the remainder of “Kinect Facial Tracking Prototype?” Click here!