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I’m a coffee coin-esseur :

Yes, that is a misspelling on purpose you twits.

I am now in the business of micro-batches of Justin Lloyd’s very own coffee. I decided to go with 100 4-oz bags of ground coffee, and 50 8-oz bags of beans as a start to see how well they sell.

Each label is hand drawn and printed with love. And lots of it.

You can get a 4-oz bag of ground coffee for four quid, and an 8-oz bag of beans (if you have your own grinder, I had to go out and get one because I’ve never ground my own beans before now), for 7 quid. P&P is extra, though if you are around the Cardiff area and order a full pound of coffee I will personally deliver it to you over a pint at your local.

Send a PM to me after you login and set the subject line to “Coffee”.

P.S. This is really strong coffee designed to get you through late night coding sessions.

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