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New Palm Pilot :

A few months back I dropped my Palm IIIc on to concrete. An expensive slip of the hand unfortunately. I had done the same thing a half dozen times in the past with little effect but this time the Universe conspired against me and it shattered the LCD screen. The Palm Pilot still worked and I religiously back up the data every day so nothing was truly lost. Hardware is easy to replace. Information is precious.

Over the next few weeks I waited eagerly for the new Palm OS 5 machines to be released, hanging on every word that was posted to PalmInfo Center . Finally i plunked my cash down on a shiny new Sony CLIE NX70V and a 128MB Memory Stick. I also grabbed a few Compact Flash expansion cards, Bluetooth and WiFi, thinking “Hey! You never know until you try.” Unfortunately Sony has once again screwed the consumer with their implementation of the Compact Flash port on their CLIE. I had to avail myself of the Fry’s Electronics “Rental Policy.”

After about 1 hour of being home and playing with the Sony CLIE I looked on-line to see if CompUSA had the Sony branded WiFi PEGA-WL100 in stock. Luck was with me, a local store was showing one remaining so I drove down there faster than the legal speed limit before they closed. It was an expensive evening totalling a little over a thousand dollars.

Later I was surfing the web and IRC’ing from the hot tub outside and my thoughts turned to figuring out how to HotSync via the WiFi card with my shiny new laptop. Just in case I had an urgent need to back up my Palm Pilot data from the hot tub, you understand. So after days of messing about with settings and phone calls to Tech Support I finally got it all figured out and whipped out a quick document “HOW TO HotSync via WiFi with a Sony CLIE .” The document was written out in a hurry, so excuse the poor layout of the intermingled screenshots, you must bear in mind that I’m absolutely lousy with a camera of any kind, even the one labeled “Prt Sc” on the keyboard.

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