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Waste of Time And/Or Space :

Just wanted to write a brief update to the “What are you reading?” post I made that so many people commented on.

Yes. All of those books got read & mini-reviewed. Those books are in addition to the weekly computer book review column that I write. And on top of my regular day job.

Several people enquired as to the status of the blogs that I follow.

So the low down is that I cut the following blogs:
Eric Sink. Read for 3 months, not very much in the way of anything useful. I wish he’d spend his time writing decent software instead of wasting his time talking about how decent software should be written.

Robert Cringley. I read through his entire archive and notice three really prominent things a) he’s frequently behind whatever technology curve everyone else is on b) he’s frequently wrong about any conclusions he comes too c) he somehow manages to get paid all the same.

“Hello World” is the ultimate “cat picture” blog. It’s a whole lot of nothing about… well… nothing. It’s really only one degree of separation away from the dullest blog in the world.

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