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IGDA Media Opportunities for Game Development :


The IGDA hosted a presentation by Initiative Media on Media Opportunities in Game Development at the Art Institute of Santa Monica. I was there, with my remarkable photography skills to capture the presentation.

On Thursday, March 3rd, the IGDA Los Angeles chapter hosted a presentation by Lucas and Yousaf of Initiative Media entitled “Media Opportunities for Game Development.”

Unfortunately due to some last minute cancellations the panel discussion on in-game advertising did not occur as planned.

I was there, again armed with my camera (and a tripod), to film whatever I could. I am getting better at this stuff. I did realise after a minute of recording that the camera was pointing at the wrong guy (too busy messing about with my Canon SLR to think about the Sony DV).


Click here for the video (WMV) of the IGDA Media Opportunities in Game Development.

Warning: This video is 32MB in length and runs for approximately 32 minutes. I suggest you download to your local computer before attempting to play the video.

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