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Software Wisdom :

Welcome to Software Wisdom, my place for divulging knowledge on software development and programming knowledge both old and new.

I’ve been wanting to write out knowledge about technologies and software development that I am familiar with for a number of years. From the most mundane and basic how-to all the way to super-advanced skills. Without actually committing to writing a full book, I wanted to be able to pick and choose what I talked about, even the most basic tutorials, if written clearly and succinctly, on doing something as mundane as sorting an array of numbers, will be useful to someone just starting out.

There are many resources on the internet dealing with every conceivable software development technology and programming language you can think of, but who says there should only be a single source of information? If you subscribe to that philosophy there would only ever be one book on C# programming, one book on PHP programming, one book on graphics programming, and so forth, which is patently absurd. I have found, over the many years I have been developing software and programming computers, that a great way to learn something is to study the techniques of other more knowledgeable practitioners, but even better is to study the techniques of many practitioners. There are so many ways, both simple and clever, to solve a particular problem, and possibly even more so in software development than in any other discipline, that studying several solutions to a single problem teaches you so much about the sub-problems that compose and make-up the bigger problem.

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C# Array.Sort Sorting Strings :

Performing a simple sort of text strings that are all the same case, e.g. upper-case, is no more difficult in .NET than it is for sorting integers. The .NET method Array.Sort comes to our rescue by being able to sort objects that are derived from the base System.Array type. Sorting Strings Alphabetically This program sorts… Looking to get the rest of “C# Array.Sort Sorting Strings?” Use this link!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

C# Array.Sort Range Of Elements Example :

The .NET framework provides a built-in method for sorting a portion of an array on the few occasions when you need it. Again, it is trivially easy to use, simply specifying the array to sort, the index of the element of where to start sorting from, and the number of elements to sort. Bear in… Looking to get the remainder of “C# Array.Sort Range Of Elements Example?” Click the link!

C# Array.Sort Array Reference Example :

All arrays in .NET are derived from the Array base type, making an array a system object. The System.Array type is an abstract base type so cannot itself be instantiated. But the System.Array base type can be used to obtain a reference to a previously declared array. Obtaining a reference to an array is trivial… Need to get the remainder of “C# Array.Sort Array Reference Example?” Use this link!

C# Array.Sort Example :

Sorting arrays in .NET is trivially easy. The Array.Sort method is very simple to use and one of the fastest implementations for doing a straight forward sort that you can make use of. For most of your array sorting requirements, this is the function you should be using. Sorting Of An Array This program sorts… Craving to read the remainder of “C# Array.Sort Example?” Click the link!

PHP array_rand() Function :

Unlike most languages, when you need to extract a few random elements from an array, PHP provides built-in functionality. The PHP array_rand() function will return either a random index or key, or an array of random indices or keys, given an input of an array and the number of indices or keys to return. PHP… Continue reading the remainder of “PHP array_rand() Function.”

PHP Imploded Wrap :

PHP is a great little language with a lot of neat functions to help you manipulate arrays and strings. It’s obvious why it is one of the more popular languages for developing on the backend of web sites. Often I find myself needing to wrap an array of strings in a list of HTML or… Click this link to read the rest of this post

Unity3D Piracy Prevention :

A Unity3D script to prevent your precious web game from being pinched from authorised websites and just hosted somewhere else. This sort of very simple protection is especially important if you are trying to monetize your web game and do not want it spread around on websites where you don’t see any financial compensation. If… Continue reading the remainder of the post

Score And Level System For Unity3D :

Need a generic scoring and level behaviour for Unity3D? This should work for you. I use a script similar to this in quite a few of my games. How to use: Copy and paste this code in to a new C# script named Scoring.cs and then attach the script to your player object, GUI object,… Yearning to read the rest of “Score And Level System For Unity3D?” Click the link!

Unity3D : Awake() and Start() Differences :

Oops! I originally called this article “Awake() and Sleep() differences.” It is actually about “Awake() and Start() differences.” 🙂 My bad. Currently hacking my way through the new Unity3D game engine and encountered a problem I hadn’t run in to before. For several days the game I am working on has been loading up just… Continue reading the rest of the post

Debugging On The iPhone & iPad With VMWare :

Want to develop on your actual iPhone device from your Windows PC using the official Apple XCode tools running under VMWare? If you’re a professional developer who has to develop for multiple operating systems, you often want to be able to debug on your target devices without having to have a separate machine to do… Looking to get the rest of “Debugging On The iPhone & iPad With VMWare?” Click on this link!