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Software Wisdom :

Welcome to Software Wisdom, my place for divulging knowledge on software development and programming knowledge both old and new.

I’ve been wanting to write out knowledge about technologies and software development that I am familiar with for a number of years. From the most mundane and basic how-to all the way to super-advanced skills. Without actually committing to writing a full book, I wanted to be able to pick and choose what I talked about, even the most basic tutorials, if written clearly and succinctly, on doing something as mundane as sorting an array of numbers, will be useful to someone just starting out.

There are many resources on the internet dealing with every conceivable software development technology and programming language you can think of, but who says there should only be a single source of information? If you subscribe to that philosophy there would only ever be one book on C# programming, one book on PHP programming, one book on graphics programming, and so forth, which is patently absurd. I have found, over the many years I have been developing software and programming computers, that a great way to learn something is to study the techniques of other more knowledgeable practitioners, but even better is to study the techniques of many practitioners. There are so many ways, both simple and clever, to solve a particular problem, and possibly even more so in software development than in any other discipline, that studying several solutions to a single problem teaches you so much about the sub-problems that compose and make-up the bigger problem.

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Downloading iPhone & XCode SDK With WGET :

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for two days to download the latest iPhone SDK and XCode IDE from the Apple Developer Center with absolutely no luck. I’ve recently moved in to a new house and the DSL connection we have, slow at the best of times, flakes out several dozen times per day. Connectivity problems… Thirsting to get the rest of “Downloading iPhone & XCode SDK With WGET?” Click this!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Nintendo Gameboy Cribsheet :

The Nintendo Gameboy Crib Sheet was put together to fill a very large need. All of the information concerning hardware registers, Z80 op-codes, memory organisation, DMA timings and lots of other details covering the Nintendo Gameboy and Nintendo Gameboy Colour are spread out across hundreds of e-mail messages, three books and many good, but usually… Craving to read the remainder of “Nintendo Gameboy Cribsheet?” Click on this link!

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Cribsheet :

Looking for all the relevant information on programming the Nintendo Gameboy Advance? Then it’s here. I’ve collected and collated all of the publicly available information that various people have reverse engineered into a single handy resource designed for printing out and keeping next to your keyboard. The Nintendo Gameboy Advance Cribsheet was put together to… Click to continue reading the remainder of the post