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Ten Changes to iTunes :

  1. The PC port is atrocious. It is sluggish at best, and at its worst “like molasses in a Montana winter.” And it has been getting worse.
  2. Reduce the amount of memory it uses. Hundreds of megabytes is ridiculous and whilst Apple have improved it with each version, it still takes up almost 200 megabytes on my current music collection.
  3. Make it shut down faster. Saving the XML database at program exit takes several minutes. Use a real database to store all of the data. When iTunes crashes any changes you have made to your library since you last exited are gone forever.
  4. The user interface or application code was never designed, at least on the PC, to handle 100,000 audio tracks. Trust me, I know this, I’ve tried it out and it is clunky at best.
  5. The user interface needs to have “Don’t ever play this flag.” Trust me, I never, ever want to listen to any one of the fifteen variations of “Do you really want to hurt me?” that are on the various 80’s compilation CDs.
  6. More granularity on “favourites” including a “thumbs down”
  7. Better management of “dead tracks” and “duplicate tracks” and new tracks added to the library.
  8. Share your database between multiple computers, especially important when trying to synchronize my laptops and workstations.
  9. Make it smarter about handling multiple iPods.
  10. Put some decent tag and rename functionality in to the application rather than the half-arsed interface it currently has.

Microsoft, stop attempting to make an inferior version of iTunes. I didn’t think it was possible but you achieved it with the latest version of Media Player.

Won’t somebody please innovate in their user interfaces and study the end-user’s “work flow” rather than the competition’s application?

iTunes. It’s a piece of crap. Unfortunately it is the best piece of crap available.

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