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Last posting on this system :

Well friends, it has been a journey of seven years for this BBS with many a hurdle jumped and this will be my final post on this system. I am moving all of my writing and code over to my fancy new website and will continue to write and post code on there. I just don’t have the time any more to dedicate to running this and I am also wanting to travel in the not too distant future, and when I say “travel” I really do mean extended lengths of time away from the BBS. I am currently contemplating the United States or Japan as a possible destination.

Don’t fret, this BBS will continue to run until well in to the New Year and I am looking to add an internet gateway between the BBS and world wide web for those with the capability to access it.

I haven’t settled on a name for the website yet, perhaps “halo-tech” or “otaku-no-zoku” but I am not settled on either one at this time. Domain names are kind of pricey (and you have to renew it each year) so I want to make sure I pick a domain I like, maybe keep it short and snappy, but certainly something memorable.

I have had a few enquiries from friends about taking over the running of the BBS and it is a possibility. Whatever happens though, the warez archive, source code and everything else will be available through the website eventually and I’ll put the domain name up on the welcome page so you can find it.

Until then, adieu!

.oO Halo Oo.

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