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Conspiracy ’87 Personal Journal :

So WorldCon ’87 is over. Got a cool black sweatshirt and my plastic membership badge with the same logo. I have to say, the five days I have been here has been a whirlwind of stimulation. It was really anti-climatic to be heading back home on the train. Back to the real world now, I guess. Rob had a good time but I think Mandy is pissed at me for ignoring her most of the time I was here. We had a talk on the train and I had to re-assure her that I wasn’t breaking up with her but I was just overwhelmed with all of the activities. She seems pretty upset. I think she will get over it. I’m already making plans for attending for 1990 WorldCon in Holland but Mandy says she probably won’t go which is a bit upsetting. She says “I’ve been to a WorldCon, why bother going to another one? It’ll just be the same stuff.” I also bought a membership for a small convention in Cardiff next year. Terry Pratchett is going to be the guest of honour so it should be good.

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