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IEEE ISM Tomorrow :

I am on a panel and giving a presentation for about fifteen minutes covering mobile game development at the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia in Irvine tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th of December. Hopefully I can get a good audio recording and a transcript up on this website within a few days afterwards for those that… Continue reading the rest of the post

: Game Programming and Game Development :

#angelhackLA Hackathon–Weekend of fun! :

Hung out at AngelhackLA Hackathon on Dec 1st and 2nd. Found two guys who were looking to create a simple little iOS app, so we built a proof-of-concept. Here’s a capture of the work I did over the two days. The technology I used was NodeJS and as the stack, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery… Looking to get the remainder of “#angelhackLA Hackathon–Weekend of fun!?” Click on this link!

Time wasters :

Just some super simple game prototypes I put together for helping people out on the Unity forums.   Snowboarding Demo The Core   Video Poker Word Search Zombies Zombie Zeppelin Defense

Angelhack Fall 2012 Los Angeles :

Looks like I have managed to snag a place at Angelhack 2012 in Los Angeles this coming December over at CrossCampus. If you are going to be there and need a back-end/front-end software engineer for your team, hit me up.

My new monitor layout :

I rotated two of the 30” Dell LCD panels on my desk to be in portrait mode and I have to say, I kind of like it. I don’t notice the extreme gaps when sat at the desk, though I think I will get another new Humanscale M8 monitor arms to float the outside panels… Needing to get the remainder of “My new monitor layout?” Click this!

Obscure Treasures :

Spent Sunday hanging up pictures, organising around the home and cleaning out some old boxes. Found these obscure treasures: Activision CD-R’s — Blank by the looks of them – circa 1995-ish. Discs of assets from LucasArts Star Wars Galaxies when I worked on those projects. My collection of Infocom games Two old development computers, plus… Yearning to read the remainder of “Obscure Treasures?” Click on this link!

Block That MailChimp Spam :

Seems that over the Christmas holidays whilst I have been laid up with some weird “non-specific” illness that and their spam email servers decided to increase the spam load in my inbox, because you know, I need to know about “this week in sarasota” and other vital “marketing campaigns” that have absolutely no relevance… Click to read the remainder of “Block That MailChimp Spam.”

Why You Won’t Be Representing Me To Any Clients :

Why do many recruiters these days even bother to show up for work? I got a bunch of emails today from what are apparently reputable companies that went straight in the trash. Definitely worth a laugh on a gloomy day like today by pointing out someone else’s ineptitude at their job. I’m just going to… Thirsting to read the remainder of “Why You Won’t Be Representing Me To Any Clients?” Click this link!

Bing Is Worse Than Yahoo! As A Search Engine :

Recently I have been studying traffic patterns from search engines to this particular website to see where my sources of traffic are coming from. Over 65% of my traffic is directed here by search engines, with Google dominating at around 90% of the total search traffic, i.e. 58% of traffic to my site is directed… Yearning to get the remainder of “Bing Is Worse Than Yahoo! As A Search Engine?” Click the link!

Two Things That Irk Me! :

I check my website logs frequently, I also have a script that shows me all of the search terms people use to find my website, and a list of reverse DNS lookup for each of the queries so I can see which companies are making use of my resources. Very useful data mining which can… Needing to get the rest of “Two Things That Irk Me!?” Click the link!