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Boids In A Box :

This software product was not a game but a screen saver that simulated boids flying around inside a box. It worked like a “snow globe”, in the center was a desert island, with a lone palm tree, gently lapping waves on the shore, “seagulls” — I’ll use that word to describe the boids very loosely, the boids were white and exhibited simple flapping animations — the box would slowly spin on the centre axis with the boids flying around. There were also fish in the sea that exhibited simple flocking behaviour too. I recall around the same time I wrote a screen saver called “lightspeed” that was like the starfield screen saver from Microsoft which streaked long multicolored stars past the eypoint. It looked very appealing for the time on 16-bit colour displays with no 3D hardware.

These screen savers were bundled as part of a package by a British company and I know that at least one graphics card manufacturer had some sort of OEM deal to distribute them too.

Need to find screenshots. Anybody help me out?

— Justin Lloyd

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