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The Finest Plagiarism :

Look, I need you to listen to this very carefully because your future career as a software developer or domain expert relies on you not doing this stuff.

sensecam_080817_005834_00939 I know it is really difficult to come up with your own content at times, and really, why bother when anything you want to say or write has already been, but the Internet these days has opened up a whole new vista for douchebaggery (does douchbaggery have one g or two g’s? Is douche bag one word or two?) but if you are going to plagiarise another person’s work, I have two really important tips for you:

  1. You can actually write your comments and prose as well as you can write your “original” article so that it isn’t quite as obvious that you are actually, in fact, a douchebag.
  2. Fix the typographic bug in the original code that you so expertly copypasta in to “your” article to prove what an expert you are in your chosen subject.

Here’s to moronic douchebags everywhere! Allowing entrepreneurs and software developers the world over to quickly and effectively discount you as a possible employment candidate due to your inability to comprehend the code you ripped off from somewhere else.

The original article:

The copypasta douchebag:

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