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Atari VCS 2600 emulator for PSX update :

Got called in to a meeting today to take a look at a problem the outside development studio is having understanding my Atari VCS 2600 code for the SONY PSX.

Apparently their code “is elegant and extensible” but runs like a fucking two-legged dog that has been dead for a week.

So some bright twat decided that my highly optimized, inlined everything, static recompiler, massive jump table, dynamically rewriting MIPS R3000 assembly that emulates the 2600 at 240+fps is “not elegant” and they ported it to C and a bunch of functions which now runs at around 6fps.

“Yeah, we can’t understand why it is running so slow.”

You fucking idiots.

“You can have it fast, small, understandable. Pick two.” — Justin Lloyd

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