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Debugging On The iPhone & iPad With VMWare :

Want to develop on your actual iPhone device from your Windows PC using the official Apple XCode tools running under VMWare? If you’re a professional developer who has to develop for multiple operating systems, you often want to be able to debug on your target devices without having to have a separate machine to do… Thirsting to read the rest of “Debugging On The iPhone & iPad With VMWare?” Click on this link!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Downloading iPhone & XCode SDK With WGET :

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for two days to download the latest iPhone SDK and XCode IDE from the Apple Developer Center with absolutely no luck. I’ve recently moved in to a new house and the DSL connection we have, slow at the best of times, flakes out several dozen times per day. Connectivity problems… Looking to get the remainder of “Downloading iPhone & XCode SDK With WGET?” Click this link!