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Wonderfully Unproductive Day :

That isn’t sarcasm.

Woke up without an alarm. Drank a leisurely cappuccino.

Spent an hour doing marketing and outreach to potential business leads.

Idled a few hours hacking on code for a web app. Signed a contract for several thousand dollars of easy work.

Made a steak and stout pie with a small side salad of fresh greens for lunch. Baked bread for the evening meal. Load of clean laundry washed and folded.

Wandered down to the workshop mid-afternoon and practiced some cuts on the table router. Watched a light rain drift in and packed up when it got too chilly.

Whipped out some fresh pasta noodles for dinner. Just butter, salt, pepper, some freshly grated cheese.

Took delivery of two packages; one from Adafruit and another from ServoCity. Exciting new gizmos to play with.

Fixed an issue with a client’s website.

Idling away my evening hacking on the web app again, waiting for a raspberry clafoutis to finish baking.

Just one of those perfectly idyllic Winter days.

No fuss, no stress, no bother. Productive, without being overwhelming.

Feel so calm right now.

Which is a complete difference to how the day started at 5AM.

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