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You’re Gonna Do What Now? :

“Threat of harm” tactics AKA “if you don’t respond to this recruiting email I will microwave this cute kitten” are pretty much guaranteed to make me call up your boss at your recruiting company and tell him, at length, and loudly, what a complete asshole you are. And this is why a certain recruiting company… Continue reading the remainder of “You’re Gonna Do What Now?.”

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Javascript designed to annoy :

When I have to disable Javascript on a website, so that I can read the information presented as the authority you are trying to convince me that you are, so that I can engage with your brand, you have done one thing, and one thing only, failed to have me engage with your brand. Covering… Thirsting to read the rest of “Javascript designed to annoy?” Click the link!

You’re Not That !important :

If you are a designer and you slap !important on every CSS tag in your theme “Because my style is more important than all that other stuff!” then I have to assume you are both egotistical *AND* an idiot. Removing !important turns all of your bad decisions in to instant bugs.

AWS Upgrades :

Feeling trepidation about doing a full system upgrade on a Ubuntu/AMI box on AWS. I’ve snapshotted the box, did all my checks, but cannot bring myself to pull the trigger. The underlying box hasn’t been upgraded in years (years!), probably five or six years. I am feeling very uncomfortable doing this. I can always restore… Yearning to get the rest of “AWS Upgrades?” Click here!

Better than a box of Kinects :

I think I might get me a few of these, assuming there is a library or SDK I can hack on. More useful than a box of Kinects. Razer Stargazer

HAML gets duck punched :

Why the hell does html_safe not work in Nanoc?!? *grrr* Shakes fist at Nanoc “safely” escaping the angled brackets all the time. HAML! Why are you escaping things which should not be escaped!?! *shakes fist at HAML* Hmm, not sure if I am missing something fundamental or if HAML is just broken in that way,… Needing to read the rest of “HAML gets duck punched?” Click this link!

Claimed Ownership :

A rash of claimed ownership. There’s a flurry of math formula images flying about that devolve into “merry xmas” at the end. Quite clever. And quite old. What is alarming, is not the number popping up bordering on memeful, but the people posting and claiming ownership, authorship, copyrights, assertions, links to their “original” post on… Thirsting to get the remainder of “Claimed Ownership?” Click this link!

Wonderfully Unproductive Day :

That isn’t sarcasm. Woke up without an alarm. Drank a leisurely cappuccino. Spent an hour doing marketing and outreach to potential business leads. Idled a few hours hacking on code for a web app. Signed a contract for several thousand dollars of easy work. Made a steak and stout pie with a small side salad… Hankering to read the remainder of “Wonderfully Unproductive Day?” Use this link!

Not Important :

If you are a designer and you slap “!important” on every CSS tag in your theme “Because my style is more important than all that other stuff!” then I have to assume you are both egotistical *AND* an idiot.

May The Fourth Be With You :

I have made the decision to upgrade Crick to ATI Radeon cards. NVIDIA GPUs have been good to me, but NVIDIA doesn’t seem to offer GPU compute support like ATI does. CUDA is okay-ish, but OpenCL just has more (open) support. And then there is OpenCV+OpenCL which is a no-brainer. It is going to be… Click this link to read the rest of “May The Fourth Be With You.”