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Is it steamy in here? :

Some days I spend more time staring pointlessly at the contents of my Steam library than actually playing the games I’ve got.

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Martha Stewart on 3D Printing :

Martha Stewart looking at 3D Printers at CES 2014. But all I could focus on was “Did that girl just curtsy to Martha Stewart at 0:21 ?!?” So funny. Why don’t you 3D print this Martha?!? P.S. I actually like Martha Stewart. P.P.S. Except her “TV voice.”

LinkedIn Feature Request :

I truly wish LinkedIn had a feature whereby you could filter out any status update that has more than 100 likes or 100 comments (or both) because you know that any status update that popular is either bashing the sitting president, asking you to solve a math problem, or trying to get likes so Jesus… Yearning to get the remainder of “LinkedIn Feature Request?” Click this link!

GPU Cards in BabyBlue Upgraded :

Just got around to upgrading the last GPU in the BabyBlue. Thinking I should get a new nameplate cut for the front of the case and name it “Crick” — reference to Waton’s partner. Even though Watson the supercomputer is in reference to Sherlock. It works for me… shut up!

What It Feels Like… :

Kinect Eye Tracking For Marketing & Advertising :

Working on my Kinect eye tracking prototype I’ve figured out how to do multiple independent viewers, roughly determine age, gender (with some certainty), clothing, gaze direction and whether the viewer has previously looked at the screen. I think this could easily be used in an advertising context, in a shopping mall, or at a conference,… Continue reading the rest of “Kinect Eye Tracking For Marketing & Advertising.”

Kinect Eye Tracking Prototype :

  Start some very early prototype work on eye tracking and gaze detection with the Kinect. I first detect the viewer’s face, then I detect the angle of the face, then I do a separate image recognition pass on the eyes. The resolution of the Kinect camera is kind of bad (okay, it’s terrible), but… Looking to get the remainder of “Kinect Eye Tracking Prototype?” Click the link!

Kinect Facial Tracking Prototype :

As you can see, I’ve managed to get a quick little prototype up and running on my new Windows Kinect. It tracks the direction your looking using some pretty simple facial tracking. Source code can be downloaded here. Be advised that this is a really quick prototype and the source code is ugly. I’ll move… Craving to read the remainder of “Kinect Facial Tracking Prototype?” Use this link!

Automated adolescent autism spectrum detection from interactional eye-gaze tracking :

Ultrasound Training Simulator v2 :

This page is a placeholder for the Ultrasound Training Simulator v2 project.