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Software Wisdom :

Welcome to Software Wisdom, my place for divulging knowledge on software development and programming knowledge both old and new.

I’ve been wanting to write out knowledge about technologies and software development that I am familiar with for a number of years. From the most mundane and basic how-to all the way to super-advanced skills. Without actually committing to writing a full book, I wanted to be able to pick and choose what I talked about, even the most basic tutorials, if written clearly and succinctly, on doing something as mundane as sorting an array of numbers, will be useful to someone just starting out.

There are many resources on the internet dealing with every conceivable software development technology and programming language you can think of, but who says there should only be a single source of information? If you subscribe to that philosophy there would only ever be one book on C# programming, one book on PHP programming, one book on graphics programming, and so forth, which is patently absurd. I have found, over the many years I have been developing software and programming computers, that a great way to learn something is to study the techniques of other more knowledgeable practitioners, but even better is to study the techniques of many practitioners. There are so many ways, both simple and clever, to solve a particular problem, and possibly even more so in software development than in any other discipline, that studying several solutions to a single problem teaches you so much about the sub-problems that compose and make-up the bigger problem.

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BitBucket REST API is completely case-sensitive :

This morning I was fiddling around with the Atlassian BitBucket REST API so that I could display my list of Open Source projects on my website (you can find them in the sidebar) and it was driving me completely nuts. The unhelpful “Resource not found” (404) error message kept coming back even though it looked… Need to get the rest of “BitBucket REST API is completely case-sensitive?” Click here!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Fixing Kiln when you get DLL FAILED TO LOAD :

I’ve got Kiln, Mercurial, TortoiseSVN, SlikSVN, Git and TortoiseHg all installed on my Windows 7 workstation and they all hate each other and won’t play nice at times. A couple of weeks ago I updated Mercurial, didn’t give it much thought but started noticing two glaring error messages in my console window: *** failed to… Click to continue reading the remainder of this post

Using curl to debug WordPress XMLRPC calls :

Need a quick and dirty way to see what results WordPress XMLRPC calls are returning from the server? Try curl, the Swiss army knife of command-line network tools. The CURL Command For Windows: curl -d “<?xml version=\”1.0\”?> <methodCall> <methodName>wp.getUsersBlogs</methodName> <params> <param> <value>username</value> </param> <param> <value>password</value> </param> </params> </methodCall>” For Linux: curl -d ‘<?xml version=”1.0″?>… Craving to get the rest of “Using curl to debug WordPress XMLRPC calls?” Click here!

C# How To Convert String To Integer Value :

Need to convert a string in to an int in C#? That sort of task is trivial thanks to the TryParse method of the System.Int32 structure which is a standard part of the .NET Framework. TryParse does exactly what you need by taking a properly formatted string and converting it to an integer. The great… Thirsting to get the remainder of “C# How To Convert String To Integer Value?” Use this link!

How To Batch Convert Images With Image Magick :

Got a folder full of images that need to be converted from one format to another? Use Image Magick and do in a few seconds what it could take hours in Photoshop or other image editing applications to achieve. One of the simplest ways to convert a directory full of images from one format to… Click this link to continue reading the rest of the post

C# What Is The System.Boolean Structure :

.NET offers the programmer many strongly typed data types. One of those is the System.Boolean structure which represents a Boolean value. System.Boolean, though programmers normally use the bool alias when declaring Boolean variables, have a value of either true or false. These two logical values permit the Boolean data type to represent anything that needs… Craving to read the rest of “C# What Is The System.Boolean Structure?” Click this link!

C# What Is The Bool Data Type :

.NET and C# provides the programmer with the bool (Boolean) data type to represent values that are true or false. Any need to represent a two-state mechanism, such as a light switch, can be represented by a bool, e.g. on or off, yes or no, and so on. C# bool Type Definition The intrinsic data… Click this link to read the remainder of “C# What Is The Bool Data Type.”

BORDER-RADIUS Create Round Borders With CSS :

With the introduction of the CSS3 border-radius style tags, web developers can now easily create rounded corner design elements that previously required a lot of intensive fiddling with itty-bitty graphics and multiple div tags. Judging by the number of websites out there that use rounded corners in a lot of their design elements (including this… Click to read the rest of “BORDER-RADIUS Create Round Borders With CSS.”

CSS3 Coloured Borders :

The ability to set a different colour on each edge of the border around an element is coming. No more slicing up GIFs or PNGs , no more layering of DIV sections! Setting border edge colours in CSS3 is still not widely supported (as of this writing only Firefox supports it) but by the next… Click to continue reading the remainder of “CSS3 Coloured Borders.”

Creating Coloured Borders With CSS3 :

How do you create coloured borders with CSS3? With the new border-color tags of course! The border-color tag permits a web designer to be very specific about the colours used in the border of an HTML element. As the W3C inches their way towards delivering on the promise of CSS3, many more browsers are beginning… Hankering to read the remainder of “Creating Coloured Borders With CSS3?” Click here!