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Software Development :

This is the Software Development archive that covers a lot of material concerning the art and science of developing computer software.

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IGDA Quality of Life :

The IGDA held a panel discussion covering Quality of Life within the games industry and what we, as developers, can do about the perceived problems that the industry is facing. I was there with my video camera (unfortunately for you people) and managed to capture almost the entire event. Wednesday, 9th of February the IGDA… Continue reading the remainder of “IGDA Quality of Life.”

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Nintendo Gameboy Cribsheet :

The Nintendo Gameboy Crib Sheet was put together to fill a very large need. All of the information concerning hardware registers, Z80 op-codes, memory organisation, DMA timings and lots of other details covering the Nintendo Gameboy and Nintendo Gameboy Colour are spread out across hundreds of e-mail messages, three books and many good, but usually… Hankering to read the rest of “Nintendo Gameboy Cribsheet?” Click the link!

Otaku No Yaroze :

A failed attempt to get an underground development book published. I managed to sell this idea with a quick ten word pitch in an elevator. It then took me 5 months to write it and the publisher another 5 months to get around to telling me that it wasn’t going to be published. At least… Continue reading the rest of this article

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Cribsheet :

Looking for all the relevant information on programming the Nintendo Gameboy Advance? Then it’s here. I’ve collected and collated all of the publicly available information that various people have reverse engineered into a single handy resource designed for printing out and keeping next to your keyboard. The Nintendo Gameboy Advance Cribsheet was put together to… Need to read the rest of “Nintendo Gameboy Advance Cribsheet?” Click this link!

M.A.M.E. Emulator for Microsoft XBOX Update :

This is a brief update to a previous article I posted about porting M.A.M.E. to the Microsoft XBOX. I have managed to remove just about all of the bugs in the rendering code. It’s even a little faster than it was before. I’ve fixed all the blown out colour & gamma problems and the sizing… Click this link to continue reading the rest of this article

M.A.M.E. Emulator for Microsoft XBOX :

So some loony let me loose on a Microsoft XBOX development kit a month or two ago and I had some spare time on my hands this last weekend so it was only natural that I do something “creative”. M.A.M.E. for the XBOX is the result, and it was a lot easier to port to… Needing to get the remainder of “M.A.M.E. Emulator for Microsoft XBOX?” Click here!

Atari 2600 VCS Emulator for SONY PlayStation 2 :

After successfully porting M.A.M.E. to the Sony PlayStation 2 I just had to try and port my generic Atari VCS 2600 emulator. The results are good. I’ve mapped the video display on to a cube that can be rotated around as you play. With VSync turned off the emulator runs at well over 300 frames… Continue reading the remainder of this article

M.A.M.E. for SONY PlayStation 2 :

As I’ve just started working on PlayStation 2 hardware and I have access to a DTL-T10000 development station (the big black monolith) I wanted to find out just how fast the main CPU, an Hitachi clone of a MIPS processor, really was.I took the source code to M.A.M.E. and xMAME and with a little tweaking… Needing to read the rest of “M.A.M.E. for SONY PlayStation 2?” Click this!

Nintendo Game Colour Link-Up Example :

Trying to figure out how to make several Nintendo Gameboys communicate with each other in your game? Use this handy piece of commercial grade source code written in assembly to handle it all for you. This is a fully functioning example of two Gameboys communicating with each other over the serial cable. The source code… Click here to read the rest of the article

Otaku No Yen :

This is a Gameboy emulator that I threw together over the period of about seven days. It’s been sitting around on my computer for a few weeks and I thought I should finally release it. Let’s optimistically refer to it as an “alpha” release. It’s not particularly robust or speedy right now. There’s still a… Hankering to read the rest of “Otaku No Yen?” Click this!