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IGDA Quality of Life :

The IGDA held a panel discussion covering Quality of Life within the games industry and what we, as developers, can do about the perceived problems that the industry is facing. I was there with my video camera (unfortunately for you people) and managed to capture almost the entire event.


Wednesday, 9th of February the IGDA Los Angeles chapter held a Quality of Life discussion, kindly hosted by Tim Langdell & USC. The meeting was well attended with a large mix of students and professionals taking part in the discussion. Main speakers were Tom Sloper and Jeff Lander, with additional contributions by Jim Charne and myself. Other people contributed during the discussion but I didn’t get everyone’s names.

The video quality isn’t great. Various reasons. I could not locate the shoe for my tripod so I had no way of setting up my video camera properly. The camera wound up balanced on top of a computer monitor. There’s a lot of the tops of people’s heads in the frame. As we all know, cameras and I do not get on well together.

No matter which side of the lens I happen to be on.

I’ve posted the video as a link here for those interested in reviewing it. Jason DeLaRoca (I hope I spelt his name correctly) will be speaking about this subject at Game Developers Conference 2005, March 7th to 11th in San Francisco.

Just in case you aren’t aware, there will be another IGDA Los Angeles gathering this Thursday, the 3rd of March, at the Art Institute in Santa Monica in the “big room.” Initiative Media will be giving a presentation on Media Opportunities for Game Development. There will also be a panel discussion on in-game advertising.

The Art Institute, Santa Monica is located at 2900 31st Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. The meeting is scheduled for 6:30PM. Prior to the main meeting there will be a short talk given by a member the Art Institute that you are invited to attend.

You do not have to be either an Art Institute student or an IGDA member to attend this meeting. Attendance is free and there is ample parking (street parking is best as it is free.)


Click here for the video (WMV) of the IGDA Quality of Life discussion.

Warning: This video is 95MB in length and runs for approximately one hour & thirty minutes. I suggest you download to your local computer before attempting to play the video.

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