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Software Development :

This is the Software Development archive that covers a lot of material concerning the art and science of developing computer software.

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Downloading iPhone & XCode SDK With WGET :

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for two days to download the latest iPhone SDK and XCode IDE from the Apple Developer Center with absolutely no luck. I’ve recently moved in to a new house and the DSL connection we have, slow at the best of times, flakes out several dozen times per day. Connectivity problems… Thirsting to get the rest of “Downloading iPhone & XCode SDK With WGET?” Click on this link!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Las Vegas Bound :

Just a quick note to say that this week I am in Las Vegas, city of sin, for of all things Microsoft. I will be at the DevConnections Developer Conference and the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Should be an interesting time with all of the fantastic new features that are being promoted. I’m… Thirsting to read the rest of “Las Vegas Bound?” Click on this link!

Streaming Games To The Web Browser :

I read today over on Engadget that InstantAction announced their new technology for streaming games to any web browser and I feel sickened. For me, this is the third time in my life that I have created a technology, showed it to companies and people,and had them be disinterested in it. It really is disheartening… Continue reading the rest of “Streaming Games To The Web Browser.”

The Finest Plagiarism :

Look, I need you to listen to this very carefully because your future career as a software developer or domain expert relies on you not doing this stuff. I know it is really difficult to come up with your own content at times, and really, why bother when anything you want to say or write… Click here to continue reading the remainder of “The Finest Plagiarism.”

SenseCam Image Recognition :

I have been tinkering around with the software I use for image feature extraction in my large collection of SenseCam images. Using OpenCV, a SURF algorithm and Python I have been able to create a small command-line application that can accurately determine places I have visited before based on the captured images. The Python script… Needing to read the remainder of “SenseCam Image Recognition?” Click the link!

Game Engines and Casual Games :

Are games engines worth it for casual games? Should you purchase a game engine to create your latest casual game? Or will you just need to throw it all away once you realise the game engine doesn’t live up to expectations? Will you have to start all over from scratch in 6 months time? Most… Yearning to get the rest of “Game Engines and Casual Games?” Click on this link!

A Dozen Rules for Effective Version Control :

If you develop software either professionally or as a hobby using a modern version control package is a no brainer. Even if you only work on hobby projects by yourself and nobody else ever gets to touch the source code or binary assets there is little excuse to not use version control for your projects…. Needing to get the remainder of “A Dozen Rules for Effective Version Control?” Click this link!

Shrek The Third – Our Latest Work :

I can finally talk about our latest project — “Shrek The Third” for Microsoft Windows. I’m happy with the way the game turned out and made me realise that perhaps there is a market for casual “platformer” games after all. The game has been approved by Microsoft and Activision and all of those people that… Yearning to read the remainder of “Shrek The Third – Our Latest Work?” Click the link!

Cool Code Converter :

A personal friend of mine, George Moudry, has been tinkering with automated code conversion for a year or two now and has finally come up with something that actually appears to be approaching usable functionality. The Code2Code website takes regular C++ code and converts it to C#. The software is not yet Beta, and only… Click here to read the remainder of “Cool Code Converter.”

IGDA Media Opportunities for Game Development :

The IGDA hosted a presentation by Initiative Media on Media Opportunities in Game Development at the Art Institute of Santa Monica. I was there, with my remarkable photography skills to capture the presentation. On Thursday, March 3rd, the IGDA Los Angeles chapter hosted a presentation by Lucas and Yousaf of Initiative Media entitled “Media Opportunities… Yearning to read the remainder of “IGDA Media Opportunities for Game Development?” Use this link!