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Conspiracy ’87 Personal Journal :

Attending my first “WorldCon” in Brighton. I seem to be spending most of my time in the dealer’s room (which is fantastic, three huge rooms, I haven’t measured it but I’d estimate it is at least 20,000 square feet) and the gaming rooms playing RPGs and computer games. I’m not sure what a dealer’s room is supposed to have at one of these things but I’m sure if there is too much jewelry and costume stuff being hawked.  Loads of books, which is good. There is a video game competition going on tomorrow where you can win a bunch of games so I’m entering that. Also TSR and Games Workshop are both here. I am going to show Games Workshop my Space Fantasy RPG tomorrow or the day after, I just need to get it photocopied first. Some band I forget the name of and have never heard of, I think it was Hawkwind, played at the opening ceremonies. The Mayor of Brighton was there and made a couple of really pathetic jokes.

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