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Breast Implants for Storage :

As society moves more towards elective, cosmetic surgery and breast implants are becoming quite prevalent I propose that we start utilising them for things other than ogling.

We could store vast amounts of data in a regular breast implant and read it out via contact-less radio frequency. The amount of storage in most implants would be mind-boggling, that babe over there with the over-inflated cleavage may just be carrying around the Library of Congress with her.

Perhaps you could embed a 4G enabled web browser in the implants with a digital e-ink tattoo on the surface of the breasts themselves for optimal viewing. A simple Bluetooth enabled keyboard and mouse would allow for easy navigation. Though the page rendering part of the browser may need to distort the final web image to account for the curvature of the breast much like an IMAX cinema needs to do, but in reverse.

Of course, if you start putting communications in them suddenly you could use breasts as a mobile mesh network or walking WiFi hotspot.

Now imagine a Beowulf cluster of theseā€¦

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