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Lucky Ace Slots – Almost there… stay on target! :

Late Beta release of our Lucky Ace Slots iOS game. I’ve got about a half-dozen bugs to iron out then we get to submit to Apple for approval. Fingers crossed that it is tonight or Tuesday afternoon if I cannot solve these last few bugs.

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Lucky Ace Slots–Free spins :

Free spins for everyone! Whooo! The game is in debug mode so the number of free spins you get at the beginning is set to maximum. Normally the free spins would accrue over time as you play the game.

Lucky Ace Slots – Jan 31st – Game over! :

Game over detection: Done. Actual, you know, you ran out of money detection. Game over dialogue: Done. Restart game or return to lobby when you run out of money. Swipe to spin: Done. You can now swipe downwards on mobile (left click and drag on web) to spin the reels. Next up: Pay line display…. Click this link to continue reading the remainder of “Lucky Ace Slots – Jan 31st – Game over!.”

Lucky Ace Slots Update – 30th Jan – Options :

Options screen completed. Click the three horizontal lines in the top right of each theme to view. Got a hot cappuccino, Creamfields playing in iTunes, and a head full of ideas! Currently working on game over dialogue and detection.

Lucky Ace Slots update – 29th Jan – Help screens :

Added in the help screens. Click the question mark in the top right of each theme to view them. Swipe left and right to view each page. If you’re using the mouse, left click and drag left or right. Getting very close to release now! A few more features and some bug fixes and tweaks… Yearning to read the remainder of “Lucky Ace Slots update – 29th Jan – Help screens?” Click here!

Next update on the Unity iOS game :

I’ve updated some underlying code and added a few new graphical features as I head towards the release of the game in just a couple of short weeks.

Lucky Ace Slots – My next iOS game :

I am currently working on an iOS game, developed in Unity, for release around the end of January on the iOS app store. iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 is the initial release target, and then an enhanced version for iPad and then on to Android. I thought I would show off the early beta release… Craving to read the rest of “Lucky Ace Slots – My next iOS game?” Click here!

Four weeks work in nine minutes :

For the past six weeks I have been busily developing a new iOS game and getting it ready for a January launch. It is now at a state where I can start showing off some of the work that has taken place. The computers I work on are set up to take a snapshot of… Thirsting to read the rest of “Four weeks work in nine minutes?” Click here!

#angelhackLA Hackathon–Weekend of fun! :

Hung out at AngelhackLA Hackathon on Dec 1st and 2nd. Found two guys who were looking to create a simple little iOS app, so we built a proof-of-concept. Here’s a capture of the work I did over the two days. The technology I used was NodeJS and as the stack, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery… Hankering to get the remainder of “#angelhackLA Hackathon–Weekend of fun!?” Click the link!

Time wasters :

Just some super simple game prototypes I put together for helping people out on the Unity forums.   Snowboarding Demo The Core   Video Poker Word Search Zombies Zombie Zeppelin Defense