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M.A.M.E. for SONY PlayStation 2 :

As I’ve just started working on PlayStation 2 hardware and I have access to a DTL-T10000 development station (the big black monolith) I wanted to find out just how fast the main CPU, an Hitachi clone of a MIPS processor, really was.I took the source code to M.A.M.E. and xMAME and with a little tweaking… Thirsting to get the remainder of “M.A.M.E. for SONY PlayStation 2?” Click the link!

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Portable Power Sockets For Your Home? :

Never understood why houses and offices are not built with arrays of inductive coils laid out in a cellular mesh and embedded directly in to the walls. We could just have a normal electrical power socket with a suction cup on the back that you stick on the wall that draws power directly from the… Click here to read the rest of this post

Very Large Data Sets for Compression :

An idea I have been pondering recently is using very large data-sets as a means to compression. Two parties want to exchange large amounts of data over a very limited amount of bandwidth, they can’t agree up front what data will be exchanged in the future, but they can agree for now to both receiving… Need to read the rest of “Very Large Data Sets for Compression?” Click this link!

How to Achieve Self-Driving Cars :

You know the first thing I’m going to buy when I have enough money? A driver. It’s not that I dislike driving, I just do not want to have to drive if I don’t have to. I want a chauffer, not so that I can be self-important or because I have so many places I… Looking to get the rest of “How to Achieve Self-Driving Cars?” Click the link!

Self-Powered LED Street Lights :

I see a day, possibly two or three decades from now, when all street lighting is LED based, controlled remotely via a wireless signal from a central location, and mostly self-powered. Power for the lights will come from a battery bank, backed up by the main power grid. The battery for each street lamp will… Hankering to read the rest of “Self-Powered LED Street Lights?” Use this link!

LED Street Lights :

With the price point of LED lighting falling rapidly, the far lower energy requirements of LEDs, and the ability to produce natural white light at reasonably high lumens, I wonder how long it will be before we start switching all of our street lighting on roads, motorways and other areas to LED installations.

Radio Telescopes As A Means of Data Storage :

The proposal is to use solar bodies, such as large planets, to bounce radio signals off of, as a means of high capacity, high latency data storage. The digital data is converted in to a radio signal and transmitted from an Earth-based station at another planetary body, e.g. Neptune, which is around four hours away… Click here to continue reading the remainder of this post

Orbiting space stations as a means of accelerating to significant portions of c :

If an orbiting space station is built with extended arms that have a diameter of approximately 1 A.U. and then rotated at slow velocity the objects at the arms extremities will rotate faster than objects at the hub. The structure doesn’t need to be 1 A.U. (about 93,000,000 miles) but it’s a good size, it… Craving to read the remainder of “Orbiting space stations as a means of accelerating to significant portions of c?” Click this link!

Time as a function of mass :

In a moment of boredom I was thinking about mass and gravity and pondered the possibility that time is a function of mass. i.e. time cannot exist without mass. Gravity is a function of mass, so why not time. I guess I should go and research this and I am sure someone has already thought… Click here to read the rest of this post

Jelly and the speed of light :

Forgive me for this indulgence. I was eight and a half years old when I wrote the notes below. Just typed it up from some very old notebooks. Even back then I had some weird thoughts. So if I take some jelly and I push against it, it deforms and let’s say it’s a large… Click this link to read the remainder of “Jelly and the speed of light.”