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Facial Recognition :

I want to test something out. I want you to remember these six faces, and I want you to remember the order in which they appeared. Don’t spend too much time on studying them. There will be a test later. A large part of the human brain is dedicated to vision, and quite a large… Continue reading the rest of this article

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Ads in Elevators :

So the elevators in the building where I have my office now sport LCD panels that play adverts on a continuous loop. I’m curious, in the future, will elevator operators claim that if we don’t watch the ads that we’re stealing elevator rides from them? Just like the TV execs do today when you record… Hankering to get the rest of “Ads in Elevators?” Use this link!

EFF Fighting Blackjack Patent :

The past month or two I’ve received e-mails from law students working on various EFF patent busting cases. The first one was dealing with a computerised version of Solitaire granted in 1995, which is completely absurd as I shipped at least three solitaire games in the very early 1980’s for the Acorn Atom and ZX… Needing to get the remainder of “EFF Fighting Blackjack Patent?” Click this link!

Intractable Yaks! :

Ugh! I hate intractable yak shaving problems. Today’s was just pitiful. Luckily I can dodge most of them, but there is always one that has my name on it… So today I had the classic Yak Shaving problem. I encounter about one intractable Yak per week that just makes me blow my top and vent… Yearning to read the rest of “Intractable Yaks!?” Click the link!

IGDA Media Opportunities for Game Development :

The IGDA hosted a presentation by Initiative Media on Media Opportunities in Game Development at the Art Institute of Santa Monica. I was there, with my remarkable photography skills to capture the presentation. On Thursday, March 3rd, the IGDA Los Angeles chapter hosted a presentation by Lucas and Yousaf of Initiative Media entitled “Media Opportunities… Looking to read the remainder of “IGDA Media Opportunities for Game Development?” Click on this link!

IGDA Quality of Life :

The IGDA held a panel discussion covering Quality of Life within the games industry and what we, as developers, can do about the perceived problems that the industry is facing. I was there with my video camera (unfortunately for you people) and managed to capture almost the entire event. Wednesday, 9th of February the IGDA… Continue reading the remainder of this post

Alternative Input Methods :

Every game player is familiar with the usual input devices that the games industry throws out no matter how revolutionary the game console or computer being launched is; we’ve all used keyboard, mouse, joystick, or joy pad. A few buttons moved around, dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, poorly implemented vibration “feedback”–not much new ever gets… Looking to get the rest of “Alternative Input Methods?” Click here!

MUD-Dev Convention Report :

When a game developer’s fancy turns towards San Jose at the end of March each year, they are naturally thinking of Game Developers Conference, hosted by CMP. However, the day after the world-renowned GDC is over and most of the regular “professional developers” have returned to their hometowns is when the truly hardcore hang out… Needing to read the remainder of “MUD-Dev Convention Report?” Click this link!

Augmented Reality Decor Projection :

An augmented reality system that involves a handheld projector and 3D furniture or other decor that can be projected into an area to visualize what the furniture will look like before you buy it.

Nintendo Gameboy Cribsheet :

The Nintendo Gameboy Crib Sheet was put together to fill a very large need. All of the information concerning hardware registers, Z80 op-codes, memory organisation, DMA timings and lots of other details covering the Nintendo Gameboy and Nintendo Gameboy Colour are spread out across hundreds of e-mail messages, three books and many good, but usually… Yearning to get the rest of “Nintendo Gameboy Cribsheet?” Click this link!