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Too Damn Fast! :

This is just me ranting about nothing at all on a Sunday night, so ignore it if you don’t have time.

I’m currently doing some work with the Unity game engine (great engine, only a few annoyances) and I had to have two copies of Unity open at once.

Unity, when you open the application, will attempt to load the previously opened project. You can stop it from doing this, and pop up the project browser window by holding down a key, which happens to be the ALT key on Windows.

Only problem is, I’m also running with a bunch of 128GB SSD drives in a RAID 0 configuration. I click on the Unity icon on the start menu and before I even touch the key, Unity has loaded and complained about the previous project already being open.

Luckily for me, I can just run the Unity application from the command line and use the “-openfile” option to specify the project to use.

That said, opening up Maya 2010, Max 2010, a couple of copies of Unity, two copies of Visual Studio 2010, and Photoshop CS5 all in a matter of seconds… very nice.

SSDs in RAID 0.

I recommend them.

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