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Kinect Eye Tracking Prototype :

  Start some very early prototype work on eye tracking and gaze detection with the Kinect. I first detect the viewer’s face, then I detect the angle of the face, then I do a separate image recognition pass on the eyes. The resolution of the Kinect camera is kind of bad (okay, it’s terrible), but… Click to continue reading the remainder of this article

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Block That MailChimp Spam :

Seems that over the Christmas holidays whilst I have been laid up with some weird “non-specific” illness that and their spam email servers decided to increase the spam load in my inbox, because you know, I need to know about “this week in sarasota” and other vital “marketing campaigns” that have absolutely no relevance… Continue reading the remainder of “Block That MailChimp Spam.”

Why You Won’t Be Representing Me To Any Clients :

Why do many recruiters these days even bother to show up for work? I got a bunch of emails today from what are apparently reputable companies that went straight in the trash. Definitely worth a laugh on a gloomy day like today by pointing out someone else’s ineptitude at their job. I’m just going to… Continue reading the remainder of “Why You Won’t Be Representing Me To Any Clients.”

Bing Is Worse Than Yahoo! As A Search Engine :

Recently I have been studying traffic patterns from search engines to this particular website to see where my sources of traffic are coming from. Over 65% of my traffic is directed here by search engines, with Google dominating at around 90% of the total search traffic, i.e. 58% of traffic to my site is directed… Continue reading the rest of the post

Ultrasound iPhone Device :

A little over a month ago I interviewed with a small start-up company in Los Angeles doing some very cool work on a serious game for military and medical usage. Essentially it is an ultrasound simulation game that teaches medical personnel how to read an ultrasound image. This particular company had a unique twist on… Hankering to read the rest of “Ultrasound iPhone Device?” Click here!

Two Things That Irk Me! :

I check my website logs frequently, I also have a script that shows me all of the search terms people use to find my website, and a list of reverse DNS lookup for each of the queries so I can see which companies are making use of my resources. Very useful data mining which can… Click to continue reading the rest of this article

Bad Workmanship Produces Bad Work :

This post isn’t about carpentry, it’s about Apple. A bad carpenter blames his tools. A good carpenter blames his tools, but for different reasons. A bad carpenter will blame his tools uncritically when he can’t achieve the end effect that he desires, because he lacks the skill, the know-how and the wherewithal to produce the… Craving to read the rest of “Bad Workmanship Produces Bad Work?” Click this!

Las Vegas Bound :

Just a quick note to say that this week I am in Las Vegas, city of sin, for of all things Microsoft. I will be at the DevConnections Developer Conference and the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Should be an interesting time with all of the fantastic new features that are being promoted. I’m… Need to get the rest of “Las Vegas Bound?” Click here!

Streaming Games To The Web Browser :

I read today over on Engadget that InstantAction announced their new technology for streaming games to any web browser and I feel sickened. For me, this is the third time in my life that I have created a technology, showed it to companies and people,and had them be disinterested in it. It really is disheartening… Continue reading the rest of “Streaming Games To The Web Browser.”

Nook : Underwhelmed :

I purchased a Barnes & Noble Nook on Tuesday evening and so far my user experience of the device and the website has been thoroughly underwhelming to say the least. Where do I start? Okay, let’s begin with the device itself. It feels cheap and plastic and even though the screen is a smidgeon larger… Needing to read the rest of “Nook : Underwhelmed?” Use this link!