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Half Of A Christmas Tree :

I’ve never understood why manufacturers of artificial Christmas trees do not sell half-trees or three-quarter trees. Take a Christmas tree and cut it in half, length-wise, so that it can be placed flush up against a wall or in the corner of the room, which is what most people do anyway. Hardly anyone decorates the… Continue reading the remainder of “Half Of A Christmas Tree.”

: Game Programming and Game Development :

SenseCam On The iPhone :

Just a quick update concerning my SenseCam project. I have finally gotten around to porting my SenseCam software from the old J2ME version on my k850i to an Objective-C version for the iPhone 4. I effectively had to do a complete rewrite from the ground up, but the development work only took about two weeks… Craving to read the rest of “SenseCam On The iPhone?” Use this link!

Cats! :

Cats are highly efficient machines for converting food in to sleep.

Smart Keys Require Batteries :

The Land Rover I have has a smart key. The Toyota Camry my girlfriend drives has a smart key. Little digital devices that just have to be in close proximity to the vehicle to unlock the door or start the engine. When will the triple-A (equivalent to the RAC or AA in the UK), if… Looking to read the remainder of “Smart Keys Require Batteries?” Click the link!

Internally Parallel SSD Drives :

When you wanted to squeeze that little bit of extra speed out of the hard drive data transfers from your workstation the easiest option was to install a RAID array, some motherboards have them built-in by default, like the one on my main workstation at the office, or they come as add-in cards such as… Click here to read the rest of “Internally Parallel SSD Drives.”

Top Ten Gadgets That Changed The World :

At the recent BayCon Science Fiction & Fantasy convention held in San Mateo California I had the pleasure of being moderator on several panels, one of these, which took place on Sunday afternoon, was "The Top Ten Gadgets That Changed The World." I captured notes on my laptop and recorded audio with my Olympus DS-40… Click this link to continue reading the remainder of the post

eInk Everywhere? :

25 places to find eInk in the near future and 10 places that you won’t. Driving back from a commencement address I had just given I was intrigued by how long it would take for eInk to become so ubiquitous that we will no longer think about. How long until we start seeing eInk everywhere?… Thirsting to get the remainder of “eInk Everywhere??” Click this link!

Ear Muscles – Navigate By Listening :

A couple of weeks ago I was pondering this idea whilst cleaning out my ears in the shower. Is there a way, I am wondering, if it is possible to play a tone through an ear piece, and have a microphone, also embedded in the ear piece, monitor the reaction of the ear as it… Continue reading the rest of “Ear Muscles – Navigate By Listening.”

Is There A OneNote Wiki Plug-in? :

I’ve been pondering this for a while now. I think that Microsoft OneNote really needs a wiki like plug-in that allows you to see previous versions of a page. It’d also be great if OneNote could work with a Wiki. I mean really work with a Wiki properly. I’m not thinking of the so-so solutions… Click here to continue reading the rest of “Is There A OneNote Wiki Plug-in?.”

Thoughts about eInk displays :

Just a thought. When will we start seeing eInk displays with a backlight? And when will we start seeing transparent eInk displays? And when will we see our first full-size, road-side eInk advertising billboard? Maybe if you work for a company that keeps shuffling you from department to department you could have an eInk business… Need to get the rest of “Thoughts about eInk displays?” Use this link!