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Hodge-Podge :

A couple of people have mentioned that this site is turning in to a hodge-podge of links and badly photographed pictures of M.A.M.E. emulators running on various consoles so I’m contemplating turning it around, splitting off the personal bio/resume stuff in to a separate section and making a serious effort to turn it in to a competent game development web site with useful information. My only problem is that I can’t really spend more than an hour or two a week working on it, so I need to concern myself with the scope of information I cover.

Update: Apparently I’ve been informed that something where you dump lots of random shit, link to other people’s web sites, show off cool stuff, and post interesting monologues is called a “blog.” Funny, I always thought such an endeavour was called a web page.

Marketing Consultant: “Address the chair!”
Ford Prefect: “There isn’t chair, there’s only a rock.”
Marketing Consultant: “Well, call it a chair.”
Ford Prefect: “Why not call it a rock?”
Marketing Consultant: “You obviously have no conception of modern business methods.”

This is not a blog.
I’ve never had a blog.
This page has never been a blog.
If it were a blog then it was a blog before any of you bozos actually knew that the internet existed, let alone knew what a blog was.

— Justin Lloyd

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