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Bad Workmanship Produces Bad Work :

This post isn’t about carpentry, it’s about Apple. A bad carpenter blames his tools. A good carpenter blames his tools, but for different reasons. A bad carpenter will blame his tools uncritically when he can’t achieve the end effect that he desires, because he lacks the skill, the know-how and the wherewithal to produce the… Continue reading the rest of “Bad Workmanship Produces Bad Work.”

: Game Programming and Game Development :

Streaming Games To The Web Browser :

I read today over on Engadget that InstantAction announced their new technology for streaming games to any web browser and I feel sickened. For me, this is the third time in my life that I have created a technology, showed it to companies and people,and had them be disinterested in it. It really is disheartening… Continue reading the remainder of the article

Dragon Age: Origins Has No Moral Choices :

I finally got around to installing Dragon Age: Origins over the weekend. I just kept putting it off because personal projects and a lot of other good games were vying for my meagre discretionary time outside of day-to-day work. I loved the look of the game and found the first few hours of game play… Click to continue reading the rest of “Dragon Age: Origins Has No Moral Choices.”

Permission to be in the industry :

Thomas F. from CA e-mailed and asked about how to get in to the games industry. “I’m about to complete my degree at school and I really want to get in to the video games industry but I don’t see how with all the other people trying to get in too and getting noticed takes… Hankering to get the rest of “Permission to be in the industry?” Click on this link!

Game Engines and Casual Games :

Are games engines worth it for casual games? Should you purchase a game engine to create your latest casual game? Or will you just need to throw it all away once you realise the game engine doesn’t live up to expectations? Will you have to start all over from scratch in 6 months time? Most… Continue reading the remainder of “Game Engines and Casual Games.”