xAsm Usage

C:\>xAsm [options] asmfile
Options are preceded by a dash (-) and go as follows:

    oobjectfile : Write an object-file for xLink

    ipath       : Add an extra include-path

    h           : Short help text

    e(l|b)      : Change endianness (CAUTION!)

    gASCI       : Change the four characters used for Gameboy graphics

                  constants (default is 0123)

    bAS         : Change the two characters used for binary constants

                  (default is 0123)

    zHX         : Set the byte value (hex format) used for uninitialised data (default is ? for random)

    n(z|n)      : Specify number format as either Motorola/RGBDS or Zilog/Intel.

    r(r|d)      : Output error messages as either RGBDS or Microsoft Developer Studio format.

    q           : Suppress all messages except errors.

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Last updated 08 October 1997 by Carsten Sorensen