Suppose you're feeling lazy and you want to unroll a time consuming loop. REPT is here for that purpose. Everything between REPT and ENDR will be repeated a number of times just as if you done a copy/paste operation yourself


add  a,c


This will assemble add a,c four times.

You can also use REPT to generate tables on the fly:
; --

; -- Generate a 256 byte sine table with values between 0 and 128

; --

ANGLE   SET     0.0

        REPT    256

        DB      (MUL(64.0,SIN(ANGLE))+64.0)>>16

ANGLE   SET     ANGLE+256.0

REPT is also very useful in recursive macros and as in macros you can also use the special label operator \@. REPT-blocks can be nested.

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Last updated 21 June 1997 by Carsten Sorensen